End-to-End Plastic Vacuum Forming Services in Melbourne​

SJR Patterns specialises in thermoforming services. We offer cost-effective thermoforming solutions to transform plastic into desired shapes with the help of heating processes. We have a variety of pressure-forming and thermoforming machines for all production sizes – from medium to high volume. We have large area vacuum forming stations and sampling machines for small prototype units.

We offer end-to-end thermoforming solutions such as:

  • Customisation and design services.
  • Supply chain support.
  • Expert customer service.
  • Fulfilling all types of customer requirements.

Some of the reasons to choose our thermoforming solutions are:

  • We are one of Australia’s largest thermoforming manufacturers.
  • We offer regular plastic packaging services for companies of all sizes and industry domains.
  • We serve the food market – helping farmers, grocers and manufacturers.
  • We offer high-volume production and distribution of food-grade plastic.
  • We use a variety of materials including, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PLA, PP, PVC, HIPS, ABS, HDPE and PET, for our thermoforming services.

Expert Vacuum Forming Solutions in Melbourne

SJR Patterns provides the best vacuum forming plastic solutions using a variety of materials. We provide the quickest services in the market and have adequate staff members to fulfil all requirements without any delays or hassles.


We can produce:

  • Structurally sound components from different materials.
  • Components with increased dimensional accuracy and reduced distortion.
  • Manufacturing at low and high volumes.

We analyse the proposed design and work on modifications during the initial stages to ensure high product quality and a shorter turnaround time. SJR Patterns specialises in plastic vacuum forming by creating the required shapes and fulfilling all your vacuum forming needs.

SJR Patterns is the one-stop vacuum forming expert in Melbourne for all types of products and parts. We oversee the end-to-end production process, right from design to manufacture. We specialise in components, caravan parts, POS displays as well as moulded food trays. Along with large vacuum forming equipment, we provide you with tool-making machinery for all your plastic vacuum forming needs.

Contact SJR Patterns for the Best Thermoforming Services

SJR Patterns has been in the business for almost four decades now, providing state-of-the-art thermoforming services. We have all the latest equipment and machinery at our in-house manufacturing unit. We understand that plastic fabrication and production are energy-intensive processes and hence pay a lot of emphasis on minimising our carbon impact.

Our customer care team is there to take care of all your requirements. Feel free to discuss your needs and get the best advice and guidance from our experts. Turn your dreams into reality by choosing the best experts for your job. We provide thermoforming and plastic vacuum forming services for all kinds of industry verticals.

Get in touch with our team for expert vacuum forming services in Melbourne. We have the best machinery and super-friendly staff that is highly experienced, well-trained and skilled enough to provide you with innovative and customised solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a free quote for customised thermoforming solutions by SJR Patterns.

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